Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall 2010 fashion

sorry guys this post is mucho delayed but Ap homework beckoned...

Heres what's hot this fall:

This an DKNY ad with the coveted heel and sock trend for the fall
(i'm pretty sure its either DKNY or Diesel)

perfect funny little gift for a guy... :)
not just heels and socks are in its knee high socks to babe!

The three pictures above are all from its a very cute little website that fullfils all your sock fantasies at a nice price (the socks above range from $5-$10)

$89.99 Buckle Military cut jacket

Above is a $29.99 Express Jacket

$99.95 Combat Boots from Buckle

$69.95 Gap military pants

$495 Bess Combat boots

$99 Nordstroms combat boots

What else is hot?

  • Fur (on everything boots, purses, jackets)

  • 50's, 60's and 70's look (called it!)

  • Gothic (not like the gothic highschool click, im talking the gothic era)

  • Velvet&Velour


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