Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall 2010 fashion

sorry guys this post is mucho delayed but Ap homework beckoned...

Heres what's hot this fall:

This an DKNY ad with the coveted heel and sock trend for the fall
(i'm pretty sure its either DKNY or Diesel)

perfect funny little gift for a guy... :)
not just heels and socks are in its knee high socks to babe!

The three pictures above are all from its a very cute little website that fullfils all your sock fantasies at a nice price (the socks above range from $5-$10)

$89.99 Buckle Military cut jacket

Above is a $29.99 Express Jacket

$99.95 Combat Boots from Buckle

$69.95 Gap military pants

$495 Bess Combat boots

$99 Nordstroms combat boots

What else is hot?

  • Fur (on everything boots, purses, jackets)

  • 50's, 60's and 70's look (called it!)

  • Gothic (not like the gothic highschool click, im talking the gothic era)

  • Velvet&Velour


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 23rd: Summer is officially over!

Now that summer is officially over and teens are in the "system" for the next eight months, I thought I would take a look back at the 2010 summer fashion momments and trends....

You like? Well get some next year when they're back in season....
I know I own at least six floral dresses and I may break the season barior and wear my darker floral dresses with a cardigan and skinny jeans.

Another thing I will miss? Beachwear .....

O look... it's floral

Ed Hardy swim suit. I admit i'm sick of seeing Ed Hardy, but theres no denying that this is a cute suit! I especailly love the bow in the back (although it would definently be dificult to swim in)

I just had to add this for giggles.Bieber is censored for your viewing.

and here are some memorable fashion moments:

Above is Alexander Mcqueen and one of his many aesthetic heels. The man really turned fashion into art. He had 3-D fashion shows! Not impressive enough? Mcqueen was Gaga's right hand man when it came to fashion those two brought about gaga's infamous lobster claw heels and much much more.
Rest in peace Mcqueen.

Katy Perry debuted her video for the much craved "California girl" single. While I loved the theme the whipcreme bra may have been a little much. But see those adorable short shorts?They are Diesel shorts handmade for Katys video. That means someone somewere put on each of those beads hand by hand, and Katy just gave those shorts away to a contest winner!
P.S. expect a post tomorrow on fall trends to come! :D

Monday, September 20, 2010

60's flashback

I adore this video! Very cute little dance routine, no? Nancy Sinatra was a rebel in the music industry and probably one of the first "blonde bombshells" in the pop industry.
But the main reason i posted this video was to point out how much the fashion industry is drawing from history- the long boots, sequins dress, crazy hair volume, and tight black pants. It's all coming back.
Just take a look at Guess and their new ad campaign:

By the way, I've seen that cute purse (the one in the second picture with the heart)
In a Marshalls for WAY cheaper than the Guess price. So if it catches your eye and you go to buy... think Marshalls.
Im assuming this 2010 Guess ad is geared torwards teenagers considering teens generally wore poodle skirts(or flamingo skirts) back in the day and its very Grease (which was set in a highschool). I just wonna bust out in song....
We go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

blog and blogger

First off, i would like to say that I single handedly brake the stereotype that states all teenagers have crazy awesome skills when it comes to technology. I know how to use microsoft and I know how to get by on facebook. But I have a love for fashion that knows no bounds (even when it comes to technology) so I am creating this blog to show the industry what teenagers like, love, and think about fashion. I also intend to post cute outfits, trends and news from the fashion world.

About this blogger:
I am a Texan first and foremost. I have lived in this wonderfull state for 17 years but my plans are bigger than Texas. Being a very organized person (I have a victioria secret pink organizer that is always in eyesight) my future is already planned- College at either UT or John Cabot University in Italy ( I have been to Italy once and I believe I left my heart on the streets of Rome) and after graduating with my MBA in business I will pursue modeling and then a career in the fashion industry, after I have left my imprint in the industry i would like to return to dear Texas and live somewere were the closest grocery store is further than a "stones throw away".
As mentioned in my future plans I have been in Italy as well as London and France. I had the chance to go thorough EF tours a group my mother , a french teacher,worked through to take some students on a trip. The trip showed me that even though America is very cultured I am missing out on alot and I still have much to see.
Back to Texas, I live in a suburbian area of North Texas but my favorite part of Texas is Collinsville, Texas. A middle of nowhere town were my great grandmother ventured to on a covered wagon and has stayed there eversince.
pictures of muah's life:
homecoming game sophmore year
(Left to Right: Me, Sarah, Taylor)
Me at my family ranch in Collinsvile
on my horse Poncho.
this picture was for a wanna be photo shoot with a bestie
What I am wearing:
Calvin Klien dress

A different wanna be photo shoot, same bestie:)
What I am wearing:
Tshirt from franchesca
swim suit from target

wanna be photo shoot
I am wearing:
a&e dress
ah-mazing pink suede nine west heels
wanna be photoshoot

Now enough about me tell me about you :)

P.s. i hope to have another post up with fashion tidbits pronto
p.s.s. though this blog addresses teenagers, it is not for simply teenagers. It is for anyone who has a passion for fashion :)