Saturday, September 18, 2010

blog and blogger

First off, i would like to say that I single handedly brake the stereotype that states all teenagers have crazy awesome skills when it comes to technology. I know how to use microsoft and I know how to get by on facebook. But I have a love for fashion that knows no bounds (even when it comes to technology) so I am creating this blog to show the industry what teenagers like, love, and think about fashion. I also intend to post cute outfits, trends and news from the fashion world.

About this blogger:
I am a Texan first and foremost. I have lived in this wonderfull state for 17 years but my plans are bigger than Texas. Being a very organized person (I have a victioria secret pink organizer that is always in eyesight) my future is already planned- College at either UT or John Cabot University in Italy ( I have been to Italy once and I believe I left my heart on the streets of Rome) and after graduating with my MBA in business I will pursue modeling and then a career in the fashion industry, after I have left my imprint in the industry i would like to return to dear Texas and live somewere were the closest grocery store is further than a "stones throw away".
As mentioned in my future plans I have been in Italy as well as London and France. I had the chance to go thorough EF tours a group my mother , a french teacher,worked through to take some students on a trip. The trip showed me that even though America is very cultured I am missing out on alot and I still have much to see.
Back to Texas, I live in a suburbian area of North Texas but my favorite part of Texas is Collinsville, Texas. A middle of nowhere town were my great grandmother ventured to on a covered wagon and has stayed there eversince.
pictures of muah's life:
homecoming game sophmore year
(Left to Right: Me, Sarah, Taylor)
Me at my family ranch in Collinsvile
on my horse Poncho.
this picture was for a wanna be photo shoot with a bestie
What I am wearing:
Calvin Klien dress

A different wanna be photo shoot, same bestie:)
What I am wearing:
Tshirt from franchesca
swim suit from target

wanna be photo shoot
I am wearing:
a&e dress
ah-mazing pink suede nine west heels
wanna be photoshoot

Now enough about me tell me about you :)

P.s. i hope to have another post up with fashion tidbits pronto
p.s.s. though this blog addresses teenagers, it is not for simply teenagers. It is for anyone who has a passion for fashion :)

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  1. You totes cropped me out of the Poncho picture! But no worries, we won't have a problem as long as you give me credit for the pictures I took for you this weekend :) Oh, and the last picture that Ashley took is my absolute favorite. It looks like a shot from a forever21 campaign.