Friday, October 8, 2010

Mix it up!

The inspiration for this post is all the magazines out there that have mix & match articles showing you how to mix it up for casual, school, date night and blah blah blah.

However, I believe this post to be more realistic and contain outfits that any girl may find in her closet. Plus, this article is based on a specific piece. My $4 forever 21 Brittish inspired tee-shirt that I found on clearance in (Im aware im not XXL but i like the comfy fit . Plus it's that eighties style thats coming back in)This article shows you how you can dress up your favorite tee ( mine being the Britt tee) for anything from a job interview or just lounging around the house.

I just thought this picture was pretty cool

I'm wearing the central piece ( forever 21 Brit shirt) with $40 steve madden boots, white gap skinny jeans, and an inexspensive forever 21 necklace

The pictures above were my favorite pictures because we took them at this really unkept house we saw and I thought my skinny jeans would look awesome contrasted to the dirty bed (wich I regret laying on...) but ,of course, I had to let the owner know that I would be laying on there front porch.So longer story short we ended up meeting the SWEETEST lady who had about 4 or 5 dogs with quarky names like mr. snuffles ,mrs. sweetie and princess lady butter cup (Those were there exact names)

This outfit can be used for a night out on the town or when you feel like dressing up for school:)

Yes. My legs are white and pasty. Aside from that this outfit was put together for a day in the Texas summer sun; specifically, if you were going to six flags or just hanging out with friends.

I'm wearing my tee with black a&e ballet flats, cute $7 teal shorts from ross (I bought them so I could just have something to wear in the summer that I could get dirty) and a chunky pink necklace from forever 21

This is the wake up in the morning and you feel like crap so you throw on something comfy (but still cute) and go get yourself a nice STRONG cup of coffee kind of outfit.

The outfit consist of fleur-de-lis rhinestone earings, I consider them southern bling ( suhth-ern bling: Big bold jewelry southern belles were which usually consist of fleur-de-lis, crosses, teal and LOTS of rhinestones. The bigger the better.) Yoga pants with a fleur-de-lis rhinestoned on the back, these pants are my go to comfy pants and of course my Britt tee.

P.S. We found this antique little slug bug next to what we assumed was an old car shop but half way through our giggley picture taking my dear photographer and I heard loud banging coming from the garage and fled the scene.

The retro eighties look when your feeling rebelious in a breakfast club sort of way.
I'm wearing acid wash seven jeans, vintage eighties flats, and bangles from a little frillie boutique in my town.
These pictures were taken on an old train many people in Keller go to for there senior pictures and what not. Its a very cool little historical landmark.

Lastly the job interview outfit. Which I admit I wear to school frequently.
This look from top to bottom: a beaded anthropology head band, my Britt tee, the pencil skirt is from nordstrom rack (some eco friendly brand) I love this skirt because it has black and white frilled material going diagonal across the skirt with a zipper it's very fun:), and lastly pink velour nine west heels

My photogenic blond blue eyed photographer (sweedish decent i believe?)
I told her she couldn't hide behind the camera for long so we switched places. I think we both did well :)
UPDATE: My photograhper/best friend is of Norwegian and Ukrainian decent , not Sweedish, i am a fool. Sorry.
Don't be afraid to comment! Any thoughts? What should my next fashion venture be? What did you like/dislike?

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