Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 23rd: Summer is officially over!

Now that summer is officially over and teens are in the "system" for the next eight months, I thought I would take a look back at the 2010 summer fashion momments and trends....

You like? Well get some next year when they're back in season....
I know I own at least six floral dresses and I may break the season barior and wear my darker floral dresses with a cardigan and skinny jeans.

Another thing I will miss? Beachwear .....

O look... it's floral

Ed Hardy swim suit. I admit i'm sick of seeing Ed Hardy, but theres no denying that this is a cute suit! I especailly love the bow in the back (although it would definently be dificult to swim in)

I just had to add this for giggles.Bieber is censored for your viewing.

and here are some memorable fashion moments:

Above is Alexander Mcqueen and one of his many aesthetic heels. The man really turned fashion into art. He had 3-D fashion shows! Not impressive enough? Mcqueen was Gaga's right hand man when it came to fashion those two brought about gaga's infamous lobster claw heels and much much more.
Rest in peace Mcqueen.

Katy Perry debuted her video for the much craved "California girl" single. While I loved the theme the whipcreme bra may have been a little much. But see those adorable short shorts?They are Diesel shorts handmade for Katys video. That means someone somewere put on each of those beads hand by hand, and Katy just gave those shorts away to a contest winner!
P.S. expect a post tomorrow on fall trends to come! :D

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  1. Lahhhhvv the blue dress and tote bag. And bwaha J Biebz and his man bewbz. Oh and of course the amazing Alexander McQueen. He will always be one of my favorite designers of all time.