Saturday, January 1, 2011

We make the hipsters fall in love

I'm sort of the clumsy type so when, I ripped my tights with a heel I decided it was an opportunity to explore the Ke$ha side of fashion. With all that Ke$ha channeling I decided to take the pics at a dumpster (which was grossss) and in my old man of a car, Tubby.
I haven't decided if I will wear this outfit again, I might wear it to school but I think my teachers and peers woud be worried about my mental state.
What I am wearing {Top to Bottom}:
  • Vintage sunglasses
  • A black and purple feather necklace from Old Navy
  • Gray eco friendly jacket from Anthropologie
  • black V-neck from Nordstrom
  • black skirt from Nordstrom
  • Black tights from target (came w/out holes)
  • Gray calf boots by Steve Madden
  • Italian leather black purse
  • fifth avenue bag... an awesome vintage find!

    And a little music to set the mood....

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