Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Cheer

Merry Christmas! For christmas I really wanted to go take photos at this HUGE christmas tree in Keller and turns out like three other families had the same idea and took family photos.... but oh well :).

This outfit consists of:

  • Target black heels
  • Givenchy printed leggings
  • a vintages 50's styled skirt (that has no tags so i think it was hand sewn)
  • a blinged out lizzard ring from marshalls
  • and a black bow cardigan from Nordstrom

You may have noticed that I found a hole in the tree and I decided to climb inside were someone had previously been and decided to leave starbucks cups, so we took pictures. I like the Wizard of Oz style shot of my shoes.


And Merry Christmas :D

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